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Become a Corporate Sponsor

With the help of our corporate sponsors, we have made great strides in improving the lives of the millions of people affected by Obesity. Our sponsors enable us to raise awareness, support research to bring us closer to a cure, and advocate for legislative change, as well as provide critical information and services that help Americans with Obesity live healthier, longer lives.

Join the Movement to Stop Obesity. Become an American Obesity Treatment Association Corporate Supporter. Together We Can Change the Future of Obesity!

When you support the American Obesity Treatment Association you help the 24 million Americans living with the disease and the 57 million more who are at risk. The Association wants to  develop relationships with corporations that are committed to our cause and will work with the Association to elevate the sense of urgency around Obesity...educate Americans about the prevention and management of the disease...and inspire people to take action. 

Corporate sponsorship provides the opportunity for companies:

  • To connect with people who have Obesity, or who are at risk for the diseases
  • Make a positive impact in their community
  • Raise funds to advance research for finding a cure
  • Participate in outreach and education programs in the community
  • Support advocacy efforts

When you become a corporate sponsor with the American Obesity Treatment Association your company may:

  • Expand its reach and grow your customer base through access to a core targeted market of those with Obesity, at risk for the disease, and committed supporters of the Association
  • Drive awareness and loyalty of your brand through widespread visibility
  • Increase employee health and awareness about Obesity by committing to help  employees lead healthy lifestyles
  • Fund research to help find a cure

Learn more about the American Obesity Treatment Association corporate supporters who are making a difference in the fight to stop Obesity in communities nationwide.

Product sponsorship

The “AOTA Approved” program provides your business with an independently verified way to demonstrate the responsibility of your brand, product or service to your customers.

We endorse & provide the distinctive branding you need to differentiate your business & its offerings in your markets.

American Obesity Treatment Association also endorses products such as foods and beverages. If you think you have a product that may qualify for AOTA endorsement please contact us.

 Your products or services will qualify for AOTA Approved when you meet any of the following three criteria:

  1. Supply objective data from a clinical or laboratory studies in compliance with AOTA guidelines that support the
    product's safety adn effectiveness.
  2. Submit ingredients lists, labeling claims and other pertinent product information for review.
  3. Provide evidence that manufacturing and laboratory facilities are properly supervised and are adequate to ensure purity and uniformity of the product.